Commission Pieces

The Alligator People
By Resin From The Grave.

A Werewolf Kit from England
I created a new street base for in place of the original base. I added gore and blood.

Attar from the new Planet Of The Apes movie
Produced by Anthony Mestas and sculpted by Bob Bagy.

Sculpted by Shawn Nagle.

The Fly
by Lunar Models

by Polar Lights, Sculpted by Jim Groman.

The Hideous Sun Demon
by Resin From The Grave. This was a job for a valued client and friend.
The base was completely remade from scratch because the original was in such bad shape.

I Married a Monster From Outer Space
Figure from Dimensional Designs.

I Married a Monster From Outer Space
By Earth Bound Studios Big Head series, and sculpted by Moto.

The Invisible Man
by Dark Horse

A limited one day licensed kit for WFJ sculpted by Julia Ambrose Murphy for Hiroto Tsubouchi

The Metaluna Mutant
by "Niser Models" of England

The Mole Man Big Head
Produced by Earthbound Studios and designed and sculpted by Mike Falcigno.

The Moonsinger
by Newman Designs

Planet Earth Sculptures

Return of the Fly
by Earthbound Studios, sculpted by Joe Simon.

She Creature
Sculpted by Steve West, Big Head series produced by Earthbound Studios

Swamp Thing
1/6 by Cellar Cast, Sculpted by Steve West

by Cretaceous Creations

Sculpted by Mick Woods and produced by Geometric Designs
Changed sculpted bush into a rock formation using Ave's Apoxy Sculpt.

1/6 scale, maker unknown.

War of the Gargantuas
1/87 scale X-Plus vinyl kits reposed and resculpted. All scenery and trees scratch built.

Randy Bowen